Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Being "Koi" about soap making.

Finding organic essential oils for our "Rustic" soap line can be trying at best with such a variety of suppliers available. Spain and France are huge exporters of wonderful materials but recently I have found some superior local suppliers of oils. Who knew that there was and is so many varieties of essential oils that are sourced from BC farms?!
Lately one of those ordered locally is peach which goes into one of our most popular soap items the Koi fish soaps. These are gorgeous transluscent decorative fish with artfully placed yellow, red and blue colouring.
As a perfect segue.... It is also one of the soaps we teach you how to make in our soap classes! Our first class(es) start January 22 which is a Saturday.
Call the store at 604-669-3649 for more info. See you there!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YouTube is our friend!

Good news! We are finally heading into the new age with a series of new videos uploaded to YouTube.
check us out by simply searching granville island soap
Darren Monette

Soap Making classes at the Granville Island Soap Gallery

The soap classes are starting this upcoming week for the beginner classes and we have had to put on another class because it has been so popular! I underestimated the interest in both crafting and soap making. I guess people really want to get back to luxury items with a local and natural component.
I also wonder if people are interested in crafting items and thereby knowing exactly what goes into them. With labeling info getting increasingly more complicated albeit more informative it begs the consumer to really look closely to listing and actual ingredients.
In any which way we are proud to be a place to go for great information and a really fun time making some wonderful items!
For soap classes just scroll down for info on them and call the store for times and classes available.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Handmade natural soaps.

Here at the Granville Island Soap Gallery we make a variety of soaps. Everything from delicious looking soap cakes and donuts which drive our quests happy with their style to MY personal favorites which are the ones in the "Rustic Series" line which I have pictured below. All handmade using only olive oil, palm oil,coconut oils along with some silk protein and various other natural oils and organics.
I absolutely LOVE our "Lavender and Malba Flower" soap as well as our "Lemongrass and Oatmeal" and lastly our "Mint and Chocolate" soap is pretty darn popular..just don't eat it.
A good question that I got from someone was "why would I use a glycerine soap over a traditional soap?"
and my answer is "usually a glycerine based soap would be a very gentle option and one with a goatsmilk component would be ideal but because we hand make our traditional soaps using only gentle and luxury oils and during the process we incorporate the glycerine (which is a bi-product of the soapmaking process) back into the soap instead of skimming it off like a commercial soap maker would. Either way it would depend on the tolerance level or likes/dislikes of the essential oils added to the soaps at time of making.
I have a list of things that are relatively inexpensive that if you are a rich person and they are:
1. good wine
2.good coffee
3.good bread
4.good cheese
5.good chocolate
.....and good soap!
all these things are consumables for sure but I have to say that even while a good bar of soap may seem expensive at the time it will far and away outlast all of the items from one to five as you will use it dozens of times and enjoy the experience every time you use it.
come on in and see us!!

Soap Classes at The Granville Island Soap Gallery

***The Granville Island Soap Gallery***
2011 Soap Making Classes

Learn about the artistry and science behind one of the oldest crafts going.
Take part in  hands on learning courses from beginner to advanced in a relaxed and professional setting right in the Soap Gallery on Granville Island.
All materials and equipment are provided with only minimal needed to bring. (Sometimes a old smock/shirt and maybe an empty milk carton depending on the class)

Classes are non refundable due to material purchase but are transferable if attendance is unable.

CLASS 1 (soap crafting for the beginner) for all ages.
Saturdays 2:30-4:00 (pm dates tba)
Learn the art of glycerine reformatting-scenting-moulding and decorating in various ways.
Students have a fun time making and taking some of most popular items including one chocolate donut, 6 koi fish soaps and three lemon drop soaps. (Retail cost would be $29.00)
Bring a small hand towel for yourself.
Cost of class $40.00 including tax.

Class 2 (Glycerine soap making intermediate)
Saturdays 4:30-6:00 pm (dates tba)
Learn more advanced soap layering and essential oil combinations creating soap cakes!
Students make a variety of soap cakes including chocolate pudding cake, peppermint twist cake, creamsicle cake and cherry cheesecake soaps.
Students take home 1/8 of each of the four cakes at end of class and setting up of the cakes permitting. (Retail value $45.00)
Bring a small hand towel for yourself.
Cost of class $50.00 including tax

Class 3 (traditional soap making classes, advanced)
Saturdays 2:30-6:00 pm with a break dates tba.
Students learn background and history of soap making and learn hands-on the art of cold process, hot process and re-batching soap utilising fragrance essentials and essential oils in  natural vegetable formulations. 
Students take home several bars (two different types) made in that class in take away moulds that will firm up next day. (Retail value $80.00)
Bring a small towel, old shirt or smock and two-2 litre milk cartons empty.
Cost of class $80.00 including tax
Granville Island soap Gallery #104-1535 Johnston street
(right under the Sandbar restaurant on the Boardwalk)
call for class schedules and availability 

Handmade soaps at the Granville Island Soap Gallery

Welcome to our first blog for the Soap Gallery here on Granville Island!!
We are located at #104-1535 Johnston Street here on Granville Island (right under the Sandbar restaurant) on the Boardwalk by the Backstage lounge of the Arts Club theatre.
We have a variety of local items which is what we are focusing on with soap being made right on the premises!

We make a variety of handmade soaps both in the traditional way incorporating natural essential oils and botanicals as well as our wonderful soap cakes which look like a variety of delicious cakes you would swear were real cakes, donuts, cookies etc.
This last Christmas we were gift central with happy people leaving with the most original gift items on Granville Island.

Rounding out our line of local honey, candles, babies and Moms items and art pieces we have invited several local soap makers to display their items.
We are pleased to have such partners as Saltspring Island Soap Works, Family Soap Company from Squamish BC, Alberta Naturals 'bar naked' soaps from Calgary and more!!
stop by to say hi and check out our soap classes which I will put info up in a later blog entry!
Darren Monette