Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Born this way

Recently I was chatting a few customers who were very interested in the designs of our soaps and they commented on the artistic nature of our items. The conversation turned very flattering to me as they asked "how did you cone up with all these cool designs?"
to which I replied "to quote Lady Gaga I guess I was just born this way"
I couldn't help but have some fun quoting one of my favourite artists as it is a compliment that I can't take any credit for really... I like what I make and use all the products. I try to have a sense of humour about the designs and styles and that is something that yes, I research, but more to the fact I guess we really ate born with whatever sense of whimsy and humour we have. Blame my groovy parents... They're a bit wacky too.
Come on by the store to see what new and exciting things we have upcoming. These days we are working towards all our wedding and bridal favours for the upcoming season. The new and hot trend is takeaway soaps for your guests instead of the stale almonds or cake... Although... Mmmmmmm caaaaaaake!!! I like that too!
See.... Just born that way.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Soap Granville Island

Soap making classes are now being registered for our upcoming dates which happen on Saturdays. We have alot of fun making some great soaps so call the store at 604-669-3649 to see what spaces are available and come join us for a laugh and learn to make sone cool stuff.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Money section of the Province Newspaper

Darren Monette with a selection of soaps that look good enough to eat at the Granville Island Soap Gallery.

Darren Monette with a selection of soaps that look good enough to eat at the Granville Island Soap Gallery.

Photograph by: Submitted

Name: Darren Monette.
Business: The Granville Island Soap Gallery, Vancouver.
Contact: 604-669-3649,
Number of employees: Four.
Time in business: Nine months.
How did you get started? Having been a cosmetic manufacturer for the spa-hotel retail trade, I knew that one day I would have my own outlet selling what I most desire in products. And that is soap that looks gorgeous, is locally made and comes from high-quality organic materials . . . often with a bit of humour added into the mix.
What prompted you to start a business? I waited for a particular space to open up on Granville Island for a while and when it came available I jumped at the chance.
What do you like best about having your own business? Running your own business makes every little skill you ever learned valuable and being a jack of all trades helps tremendously. I relied on reused and recycled materials and furniture, low-emission, eco-friendly paint. I did all of the interior design myself and made a game out of shopping for fixtures that I could either make or repurpose.
What has been your biggest success? As we make soap here in the store, we can keep the quality to the highest standards. By trial and error, we found that our bulk products are sought after by people eager to trade in their empty containers for new ones. That sharply reduces overall waste. We have also implemented a recycling program for plastics that is working well.
What lies ahead? Soap-making classes start this spring in the store. We are going to concentrate on making the best products and integrating forward-thinking marketing ideas to create the most efficient business we can.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Vancouver's best Soap shop!!!

Recently we had the good fortune to have a wonderful guy named Andre do a short documentary on the shop and publish it on youtube.
Thanks for that Andre, you are a superstar and it looks great!
If you are interested in seeing what Andre has put together just click on:


Soap Classes at the Granville Island Soap Gallery

Hi all!!
our first soap class went super well as did our intermediate class with a few of the participants taking both of them.
The ladies learned to make, in the first class...chocolate donut soaps (a huge hit as Christmas for us)
lemon drop candy soaps (as yummy as they sound) and Koi fish soaps which were unusually pretty in how each student made different ones and they all turned out beautifully!

The second class was more for the decoration aspect in that we made cakes that actually looked real...but of course they were soap. Guilt free Cherry Cheesecake anyone? about Chocolate Pudding Bundt cake or maybe Orange Creamsicle cake....or Peppermint/Eucalyptus cake....delish!!!
We taught how different layering techniques and decorating styles that really made the "cakes" look good enough to eat and the ladies were all funny and creative, making interesting and gorgeous items to keep and give away.
Kudos and thanks for all those that took the two classes.
Right now we will be taking signups for our advanced class which will be the traditional soap making class with old school techniques...........learning about the how and why behind the chemistry will be important and necessary to impart proper soap making abilities..........should be fun!!!