Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Me and Dianna Agron

So recently we had the nicest young lady with her friend Sebastian in the store shopping here at the Granville Island Soap Gallery.
Now, we get a lot of celebs shopping here at both The Soap Gallery and our other store Woofles and Meowz recently, such as the likes of Russell Crow............likes beeswax candles......Cloris Leachman......cute as anything......Jennifer Beals......woman just does not age.......and lots more!
So being a super fan of the GLEE show it was nice to see Dianna Agron in the store.
She is every bit as nice as you would think she is and having been cast as the "pretty girl" in the show I believe the casting director did their job.......she is GOR-GEE-OUS!!!
I did not want to stand next to her super handsome shopping date, Sebastian as he has that typical actors physique that renders anyone in close proximity to look like an ogre. "Standing next to you we would look like the number ten" I said feeling a bit Rhubenesque (thats chunky for y'all) so he was nice enough to take our pic ............"quick!! I can only hold in my gut for so long haha"
Look for Sebastian on an upcoming episode of "Once Upon a Time" which is filmed here in Steveston which doubles as Storybrooke, Maine.

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