Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Canadian Soapmakers Conference 2015 Banff Alberta

So here we are nestled into the space between Tunnel mountain and Cascade mountain here in Banff Alberta. It was a spectacular drive in the new car and the roads!!! Kudos to Canadian roadmakers...were the most outstanding example of drive ability on the planet. Clear, clean, wide and free of debris or potholes. Simply gorgeous. Meeting several fantastic people here at the conference has been very rewarding and the response to my lecture has been very positive. I understood that the message was going to be either well received by those needing the facts of "doing business in the Soaping industry" or not well received by the hobbyist who perhaps needn't hear the tsunami of work involved in the future of the process should one decide to follow a more business oriented path. Regardless, people were amused and compliments were many. I don't think anyone actually LIKES speaking in front of a group of any size.
ahhhh Banff is beautiful!
as we head away from out summer activities of a very successful farmers market season we are stepping into the Christmas season already......I know. ..already!
in retail we're always early...
the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival was a major success for us as per usual despite a wee bit of rain. Tens of thousands of people show up from what they tell me. ...I don't actually know as we're at the table selling soap!
upcoming of course Circle Craft Christmas Market ..November 11-15 at the Convention center
then MAKE IT show at the PNE forum building December...first week of december...check out their site for exact dates....3,4,5,6 of December I'm pretty sure.
Then......the store on Granville Island.... the  Soap Gallery is bringing out all the goodies plus a few new ones for the season!!
We will be busy with all the stuff being made right in the store..... come on by and check out the  action.....till then enjoy the lovely autumn and I'll try to do more info's hard with soapy fingers..haha


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