Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hi everybody!
well it has been an interesting week this past one!
We have been doing some of our new products this week and they are finally out! yay!
along with out famous "Moisture Mousse",  Peppermint Foot Balm, Massage Beans, and of course 520 different soaps, salts and bath bombs we now have our Natural lip balms, 6 different Room and linen sprays,6 different Natural body sprays, Mint foot gel, " Get Naked" bath foam, "Get Naked" shampoo/body wash.
.and we are just getting started.
I'll check in next week if I am still standing to let you know about our new website.
cheers and bubbles,

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  1. Question: I need a Zinc based deodorant powder for my family's every day use. Do you have anything of the sort? Creams aren't going to work for our needs this time.