Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Friday, August 10, 2012


Eh mag GAWD!!!  busy busy at the Granville Island Soap Gallery this summer to say the least.
Hi everybody...hope you are having a nice summer. I have been pretty bad as usual in doing my blog entries but that is the nature of summer time I guess.
More soaps have been made as well as a few more products.........the lastest:

Peppermint-Talc Foot Gel
a soothing and cooling foot gel to soften and refresh even the tiredest of feet.
sounds yummy doesn't it?!
it is.
mah tired feets can attest to it.
How can ones feet get so crispy and gross by working in a store and manufacturing area??

perhaps if we were running on rocks and sand the dry areas would slough off?
regardless I do love making products that work for me and people come back touting the virtues of such...........maybe it makes me feel slightly empowered heehee.

People have as always, been asking about SOAP MAKING CLASSES..........well they are on hold until January 2013. Then we will be going great guns in that department.
This summer we will be running around being the busiest soap shop in Vancouver and then we are doing the Circle craft Christmas Fair
upcoming in November which should be a blast!!
It always makes me feel a wee bit nostalgic and Christmassy by kicking off the season with this show.

ok more later
Cheers and bubbles!

oh!! PS  thanks to Gayle Wallace from Australia  (a fellow soaper who watches my youtube videos) for stopping by and simply being delighful and charming!  we took a pic to send to our pal Karen in Cumbria England.

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