Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Friday, January 11, 2013

Granville Island Soap Gallery 2013

Good day happy soapers and soap lovers!
January sees a new year with new and exciting things happening at the Gallery.
We have suspended our soap making classes for the time being as the Soap master Darren Monette is and has been so busy with the frenetic Christmas season including our attendance at the Circle Craft Christmas Market.......which was fantastic for us!
As per usual the holiday season was a matter of making product as fast as we can. The good news (and partially sad) is that we sold Woofles and Meowz to a wonderful couple, Stuart and Tracey who are continuing with the excellence that is that store. This gives us more time to concentrate on the Soap Gallery and making more products.
On that note we were pleasantly surprised to see three of our newest products sell like gangbusters at the craft fair as well as at Christmas. Those were the Lavender (repair) eye gel...the Cucumber/seaweed (help me!) eye gel and our amazing Night moisturizer with Co-enzyme Q10 and natural amber extract.....a stellar firming and hydrating treatment.
We are poised to create our online sales this spring and we will be offering other retail establishments an edited menu of our products.........great news!
Also......and finally!! our own line of natural shampoos, conditioners, leave in hair hydrators, bath bubbles and body wash is coming in February.
We are very excited!
There is also a few questions about our address as it seems that both google and a couple of other online sites have it wrong. I can assume they shared the info.......that happens.

The actual address of The Granville Island Soap Gallery is:

#104-1535 Johnston St
Vancouver BC
v6h 3r9

more news coming.........see you at the gallery!

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